Infinity and beyond
you smell like upnig

you smell like upnig

okay i just like inhaled a half pound of tropical trail mix. that shits too good

down to the point. first of all. im really glad everyone whose following me doesn’t know me personally. because. well. i think it’s just a good thing. for various reasons. “because being one of them. but i like a boy i think. it just occured to me this evening at work. but. he’s really hot. and then usually i can’t talk easily with people im attracted to because i get all weird and shy, but nope. its pretty relaxing around him. yeah. ive noticed this fast. kinda weird. anyways. so im like yeah this could work we could be friends this could be fun. then i remembered he’s hot. and im like. oh. yeah. well this will be really fun. 

idk guys. i feel weird. and sorta creepy. :/ ugh. hate this. gonna stop thinking now. off to masterbate BYEEEE

sick:  body and brain

hold me

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (Apple founder) just chillin.

People always seem to pull away from things easily attained.. and people that care about and want them, we run a far.

yet we hunt down those who pull away from us. try harder and harder. its like our brain can’t tolerate the fact that theres something we can’t have. 

we’ll always desire the unattainable. the things worth a challenge. even if it means we will never have it in our hands to grasp. 

I wanna take beautiful pictures


hey...i've had the biggest crush on you for awhile! i don't go on here a lot. but please message me on under the username "wishfulthinker". please don't get all weird. =)

im not jewish so it probably wouldn’t work out

haven’t slept yet.

got up out of cassi’s bed around 3:30. realized.

hey i can’t sleep. my brain won’t turn off. 


fruckinface. i. am. starving.

went to ihop. got a monstrous omelette.

hung out with the waitress for a bit. talked and smoked a cig with her on break.

drove to racket master. worked out.

visited with don (the owner).

finished there

done by 6:30 a.m

so many hours to burn man.

markers from walmart.

colored pictures in my car.

went to books a million. 

oh its not open yet.

read something from my trunk of mild interest.

hit poets.

they have wifi? nice.

got on the internet.

guzzle 3 coffees.

mcdonalds stop to see quinton.

stop at a random bathroom somewhere to get ready for work.

open @9:30 a.m

today is so weird. and its only the beginning. lol

sketchy as hell dude.

then after work i spose im chillin with miranda. 

its all good yo.

ill have time to rest when im dead.

wanka wakka wooh cachoo 

ahh. :) peace out

Had a dream

that cordyceps took over my body while i was sleeping. even after I woke up I thought I could still see purple stems growing off me. 

watching too much animal planet lately.